Summer! Summer! Summer! Spring is passing and summer is coming. Summer means fishing day. Best fishing rod with the best fishing reels for fishing makes a day more enjoyable.


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There are many beginners and pro fishers out there in the world. At the time of summer in fishing, people use to help each other in catching fish, pulling the rod while big fish was caught in the rod, etc. By this kind of helping a beginner becomes a good fisher.


Our mind becomes very happy when we can catch a big fish. many people make a competition of catching more and big fish. Catching a big fish is not that easy. For this, some types of equipment are needed. They are a nice fishing rod, fishing reel, hook or a casting fish. All these are found in this link Shopping Lifetime.


The most important equipment about fishing is to have the best fishing rod. It must not be too long or too short. So most famous and best fishing rod is Yumoshi and GLS.


Yumoshi is perfect for a fishing rod. It is 1.8m. It is the perfect size for fishing. It is also very hard. It will not break very easily. It is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass. It can be found in white and black in color. You can buy it from this link Best Fishing Rod.


no hook spinning Yumoshi best fishing rod with hook casting Yumoshi best fishing rod


Another best fishing rod is the GLS fishing rod. It is also 1.8m. It is made of carbon fiber. It is also a famous fishing rod. This can be found in this link Fishing Rod 2019.


GLS fishing rod 2019


There are also many people who don't want to carry along a fishing rod. It is also very disgusting to carry along a fishing rod. So for these kinds of people there also different kind of fishing rod. That fishing rod is known as pen fishing rod. You can carry it as a will fit in your pocket. Most famous pen fishing rod is Bright. Theis fishing rod is very famous. These two contains a high-quality fishing reel.


Blight is the most famous for the pen fishing rod. It is made an aluminum alloy. It totally looks like a pen. It is only 8 inches long. But while using you can extend up to 39 inches long. It can be found in white, yellow, red, purple, blue and black. You will get a free fishing reel with this. 


Then in the second most important thing is having the best fishing reel. It is also the most important equipment for fishing. You can buy it from this store Shopping Lifetime. Without having a fishing reel you can not pull a fish when will caught in the fishing rod. If you have a fishing reel but is not high quality then you have to apply more energy to pull a fish. So you must have a good fishing reel. The most famous fishing reel are SeaKnight, Yumoshi, Kastking. These are best for fishing. You can buy from these link SeaKnight Fishing Reels and Yumoshi Fishing Reels.








Then comes the fishing line. Without fishing line fishing cannot be done. But the fishing line must be strong. Otherwise while catching fish fishing line will break and the fish will escape. The best fishing line is SeaKnight fishing line. It can be found from 0.10mm to 0.40mm. This can be found in different colors. Like white, yellow, red, green, blue, black and dark grey. 


For catching fish a hook is needed. There are different kinds of a hook. There are some pictures of the hook which is shown below. These hooks are good for small and medium size fishes. 


For catching large fish casting fish is necessary. Casting fish looks totally like a real fish. While casting fish is thrown in water then big fishes are attracted to it and tries to eat then small hooks get stuck to the fish mouth. Then by pulling the fishing rod fish can be caught. 


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